(Lands, Luxury Villas, Beach Front Property, …)

Aaron & Co has been employed recently at the search of diverse opportunities of investments, for a national and international clientele (EU, USA).

The investments represent for the half, searches of properties with minor budget of half a million of USD realized by particular clients, which want to develop medium real-estate projects or to constitute portfolios of properties for investments to average and long time (more than five years).
For another half, they are investments done by foreign groups which realize long-term investments (more than eight years) and where the investments begin from a few millions and up to dozens of USD.

In these advising Aaron & Co represents, always, the interests of the carrier of the investment and your Mission is to advise of way favored in matters of Laws, of Administration and especially to transmit the cultural aspects of the Dominican Republic.

With more than fourteen years of presence in the area of the advising and councils for the accomplishment of important investment, the mission of Aaron & Co is to assure the best services and to define the needs of our clients for your investments, to help to achieve your aims and to represent them during your reflections and steps.
Aaron & Co is the shortest way to realize your investment in any tranquility.

Examples of some accomplishments done with the advising of Aaron & Co

    • Search of a property for the accomplishment of a project of 16 family villas. Contractual advising, of negotiation, and works to location of property (technical part). Minor investment of a half million of  USD.
    • Double Investment; existing villa for renting performance and search of area for construction of particular villa. Search of the goods, accomplishment and negotiation of the contracts of sales, issue of the certificates of properties. Follow-up construction (permissions). Investment lower than two million USD.
    • Assistance in negotiation and post negotiation for the purchase of a property beach front, of more than 17 hectares. Issue of the certificates of properties. Power of representation of the company nowadays proprietary. Excellent financial long-term investment (more than 10 years) for the creation of a portfolio in Real Estate. Confidential investment.
    • Contractual Draft, negotiation, contributions in Laws and technical contributions of services of measures, for the purchase of a property of more than 500 hectares with maritime forehead. Legal and administrative representative of the governmental authorities (Department of the Presidency, of Tourism, of Environment). Investment superior to forty million USD.